Outsmart COVID-19
at Your Workplace

BRIO’s complete COVID-19 testing platform helps you keep your teams safe and your business on track—without adding more to your already full plate. Our data-driven suite of testing offerings helps you anticipate and defeat workplace COVID-19 risks.

Comprehensively Manage COVID-19 Infection Risk

Antibody Testing

Guide the Safe Return to Work

This test identifies individuals who have developed an immune response to the virus, either as part of an active infection or a prior infection. A phlebotomist will come to your workplace to draw blood samples and ship them to our CLIA-accredited lab. This test has been validated and is under review for FDA EUA-approval.*

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PCR Testing

Reduce Asymptomatic Exposure & Spread

This test detects the viral presence of the novel coronavirus, even before symptoms show. Saliva or sputum samples are collected for analysis at our FDA EUA-approved, CLIA-accredited labs. We’ll advise on the medical supervision required by your state.

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The Impact Of Employer-Driven Testing

Proactive testing gives you a better picture of your team's health and ability to get back to work safely

"The leadership of every employer in the U.S. are focused on protecting the health of their teams and ensuring they can get back to work. Creating a consensus on testing and certification, driven by employers willing and able to take early action, will accelerate America’s return to work. No employer in America can afford to just sit and wait."

Rajaie Batniji
As written in STAT News 

How It Works

Step One: Order Kits
Step 1

Order Kits

We’ll help you work through your options, no matter the team size

Step Two: Collect Samples
Step 2

Collect Samples

BRIO will guide you on the process for sample collection from your employees

Step Three: Send it Back
Step 3

Send it Back

Ship the samples with our provided packaging and pre-paid label. Our labs will do the rest

Step Four: Get Results
Step 4

Get Results

Results are delivered directly to individuals through our secure online platform in days

BRIO COVID-19 Testing System web application sample screens

Features & Benefits

The BRIO COVID-19 Screening System is your one-stop solution for testing your workforce

Warehouses and drop ships kits for orders of all sizes
Engages licensed healthcare professional to oversee results delivery
Communicates results online in days
Doesn’t require a separate prescription: our medical supervision partner requisitions screens
Reports results to CDC and local agencies as required by law, so you don’t have to
Guides you through state-by-state medical supervision requirements for sample collection
Complies and keeps up-to-date with fast-moving regulations for COVID-19 screening
Provides sample collection material, biohazard-safe shipping packaging, and a pre-paid overnight shipping label
Acts as a true partner throughout the entire COVID-19 screening journey
Processes screens through our network of high complexity CLIA-accredited labs

Our Clients & Partners

BRIO works with a network of labs and physicians that allows us to conduct testing in all 50 states. Our current client base spans 9 states and is rapidly growing.

BRIO clients
BRIO labs
tests per day analyzed by BRIO labs
contracts from referrals & repeat customers 
hours average turnaround time from contract to collection
24 - 72
hours turnaround time for results delivery
collection types across PCR & antibody tests
goal: help companies stay safe 


Testing was an unexpected expense, but relative to the cost of a prolonged shut down, not to mention the cost of a potential infection to our employees and their lives, it was a no brainer. Our employee health, safety, and wellbeing are of paramount importance — without BRIO it would have been much more difficult for us to ensure that.

G.R. Kearney

Work With Us

Connect with our sales team to determine what's best for your team. We’re also expanding our network of test kit suppliers and CLIA-accredited labs for analysis and would be happy to connect if that’s you.

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Our Leadership Team

BRIO is run by a team of enthusiastic experts and serial entrepreneurs committed to providing COVID-19 testing and guidance to support the infrastructure of American business.

Boris Lipchin, CEO

Boris Lipchin
Chief Executive Officer

Thos Niles, CPO

Thos NilesChief Operating Officer

Brett Maloley, CSO

Brett MaloleyHead of Sales

Brett Maloley, CSO

Sonya GreenHead of Customer Success

Brett Maloley, CSO

George BoyarChief of Staff

BRIO COVID-19 Testing System is accessible on devices of all sizes.

Who is BRIO?

BRIO is a Boston-based startup that was created to offer individuals a science-based platform to better understand their health and fitness. Throughout our history we have developed relationships with labs, medical suppliers, and employers—all parties that can work together to broaden access to COVID-19 testing. We have identified resources and relationships that put us in a unique position to help broaden testing through these critical front lines organizations, and we have redirected our existing company efforts to bring this screening to market.

About the BRIO Wellness Platform