We make COVID testing simple.

An easy-to-use, end to end diagnostic testing platform purpose-built for employers.

Test with Brio


Our platform is fully HIPAA-compliant and utilizes SMS authentication to keep employers covered and employee data safe.


From an SMS-only login experience to automated medical requisitioning, Brio simplifies testing, start to finish.


We work closely with our lab partners to digitize their typically manual processes, using a barcode system and digital manifests that manage all incoming data.


Quickly leverage testing for organizational or employee-level needs with access to our suite of test types, providers, labs, couriers, and technology.

How It Works

The pandemic has made a lot of things challenging. Testing doesn't have to be one of them.


Just tell your account manager who, when, and where – we'll take care of the how.

Lab Network
Test Types
Medical Requisitioning


Streamlined digital manifest and logistics team for seamless sample collection and pickup.

Employee Registration
Optional On-site Assistance
Concierge Logistics


View real-time results in one secure place, built with every organizational stakeholder in mind.

Mobile Notifications
Real-time Results
Purpose-built Dashboards

Why Brio?

Reliably simple and simply reliable.

Supplies and logistics provided for comprehensive and safe on-site or at-home testing
Licensed medical professionals instantaneously review all medical requisitions and lab results for a quick and compliant release process 
Employees notified and provided access to downloadable results in real-time through our proprietary, HIPAA-compliant digital platform
Test kits and lab resulting capacity guaranteed through our wide network of CLIA accredited labs across the US
Aggregate company-wide results data automatically available in employer results dashboard with filtering features for tailored viewing
Around the clock, knowledgeable customer and account support

*PCR have FDA Emergency Authorization Use Approval and Antibody are Pending

What We're Reading

Recent COVID-19 insights and perspectives for your business.

Our Clients & Partners

BRIO works with a network of labs and medical professionals to connect you with testing in all 50 states. Our current client base spans 48 states and is growing rapidly.

BRIO clients
BRIO labs
tests per day analyzed by BRIO labs
contracts from referrals & repeat customers 
of the U.S. lives within a 3-hour drive of a BRIO network lab 
hours turnaround time for results delivery
collection types across PCR & antibody tests
goal: help companies stay safe 

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We are also accepting inquiries for new CLIA-accredited labs and test kit suppliers.


Testing was an unexpected expense, but relative to the cost of a prolonged shut down, not to mention the cost of a potential infection to our employees and their lives, it was a no brainer. Our employee health, safety, and wellbeing are of paramount importance — without BRIO it would have been much more difficult for us to ensure that.

G.R. Kearney

We thought that testing and understanding the data around who was getting sick and who had the antibodies could help us structure essential workers more efficiently. Everyone has been much more cautious and is being more serious in the work environment since our results came back. They didn’t fully understand in mid March and early April the severity of the situation in production, and this has definitely helped."

Fallon Morgan
VP of Operations

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Our Leadership Team

BRIO is run by a team of enthusiastic experts and serial entrepreneurs committed to providing COVID-19 testing and guidance to support the infrastructure of American business.

Boris Lipchin, CEO

Boris Lipchin
Chief Executive Officer
SpaceX, TechStars, MIT, Carnegie Mellon

Thos Niles, CPO

Thos Niles
Chief Operating Officer
Dragon Innovation, TurningArt, Gazelle

Brett Maloley, CSO

Brett Maloley
Head of Sales

Founder of
Argo Collective,

BRIO COVID-19 Testing System is accessible on devices of all sizes.

Who is BRIO?

BRIO is a Boston-based company that was created to offer individuals a science-based platform to better understand their health and fitness. Throughout our history we have developed relationships with labs, medical suppliers, and employers — all parties that can work together to broaden access to COVID-19 testing.

We have identified resources and relationships that put us in a unique position to help broaden testing through these critical front lines organizations, and we have redirected our existing company efforts toward a platform that expands this testing.