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Get at-home test kits and integrated software that save time and reduce friction for employees and administrators alike.
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Consolidate your workflow
Get an all-in-one testing solution
that takes care of sourcing and procurement, kit fulfillment, physician ordering, employee waivers, sample analysis, health data management, and more.
Test 1000s of employees
Scale up or down with nationwide fulfillment and a paperless, staff-less testing system to meet the ever changing mandates, safety protocols, and employee vaccine accommodations.
Stay completely compliant
Simplify compliance with easy weekly testing, embedded waiver releases, results dashboard permissions, physician results release, and reporting services.
How does at-home testing work?
It’s simple. We send test kits in bulk to your offices or straight to individual employee homes. Once employees receive their kit, they register in Brio and self-test in just minutes. Whether Antigen or PCR, company admins see every result in their dashboard in real time. No staffing required.

How Testing Works

Allow employees to test from the comfort of their homes.

Our easy-to-use platform integrates with the best at-home tests on the market so that employees can collect and even result from anywhere, at any time, in no time.

View and verify test results right in Brio.

Admin dashboards receive employee test results and photo verification of test devices in real-time, while summary cards give visibility of population-level data.

Search, filter, and download data to manage and deliver.

Extract valuable insights using search and filter criteria like testing dates, status, result type, employee information and more.

Getting started

Get started


What type of test kits does Brio provide?

Brio is a test agnostic platform. That means we're compatible with most kit types and provide the most timely, cost effective, and quality tests at the time of your testing needs. It also means we have many test kit supplier and manufacturer relationships that fuel our platform capabilities so that supply shortages affect us last.

Our expert team vets, tests, and integrates with every test kit we offer our customers. Get in touch for the best test for your organization today.

How do our employees get their tests?

We have our own fulfillment center that works with your team to get test kits into employee hands in the most efficient and cost effective method for your needs. We offer shipping options like bulk to office locations or individual shipments straight to employee homes anywhere in the contiguous US. Just send us an address list and a delivery date – we'll take care of the rest.

Does your software handle vaccination status?

Vaccination status is coming in November 2021. Our product and engineering team works hard to develop and launch the most useful functionalities and features for our customers.

Reach out for our recommended, HIPAA compliant plan to start collection your employee's health data before its time to test.

Is Brio OSHA compliant?

Yes. We architect solutions for all types of regulatory requirements and workplace safety protocols. OSHA, HIPAA, and FDA compliance among them. Get in touch with our team for a proposal that fits your needs.

How long does it take to start?

We strive to offer the most agile and turnkey employer testing solutions on the market so that our customers don't have to wait on workplace safety. Once a contract is signed, we create your online testing account, train your team, and ship kits – all in as little as 5 business days.

How much does Brio cost?

Our platform model means that pricing is variable based on location, test type, volume, current market prices, staffing needs, and freight. We customize pricing for our customers so they never pay for more than they need, including middleman markups. Get in touch now to get a proposal fit for you in less than a day.