Creating simple solutions to the complex problem of lab testing.

Join a fully remote, purpose-driven team that is always up for a challenge.
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Brio is a platform where the value of diagnostic testing is accessed and delivered at scale. We’re a one stop solution enabling a secure, efficient exchange of information, products, and services to provide people the means to own decisions around their health.

Our team of proactive, caring professionals drives the user-centric approach to healthcare and health tech that we believe will change lives, save lives, and make
an everlasting impact on a system that is ripe for revision.

We work to make diagnostic testing valuable for all, so humans can be at the center of their healthcare with the power to make the decisions that affect it.
To become the largest provider of diagnostic testing in the world; increasing humanity’s access to the framework of healthcare, in a more valuable way than ever before.

Guiding Principles

Integrity by way of Honesty
Honest work can sometimes be hard work. But it’s also good work, so we do it proudly.
Impact by way of Compassion
We consider not just the average instances, but the most adverse ones, and we act accordingly; we never compromise the health of one, because every one is a vital part to the whole.
Leadership by way of Innovation
We don’t take the given narrative as given. We have vision for a better way and the courage to shape it.
Empowerment by way of Information
We seek understanding and share what’s valuable, so people can be the keepers of their own health and the builders of their future.
Accessibility by way of Connection
Partnership is in our DNA. We make connections to breed more capability, and we vet and streamline capability to increase access for those who need it.

Our Backstory

Founded in 2017 by Boris Lipchin, Brio was born to make diagnostic testing accessible to all. After graduating from the Techstars Accelerator program, the company’s earliest years were spent leveraging a proprietary platform to help users take control of their health and fitness. Brio spent this stage in the trenches of diagnostics, developing a strong network throughout the industry.

In March of 2020, the severity of the coronavirus pandemic came into full view, and it soon became clear that diagnostic testing was one of the most effective tools to combat it. Brio enlisted their crosscountry laboratories, medical partners, and logistics specialists to meet the need, and the team refocused their efforts.

The new mission: maximizing the value of COVID testing for as many people as possible.

By April, Brio had built a full-service solution for employers in need of testing for COVID-19 and brought it to market. Within months, Brio was delivering hundreds of thousands of tests and results to employees of some of the nation’s largest organizations.

In 2021, the battle still isn’t over — but we see dawn on the horizon. People are taking control and ecosystems are recalibrating. It’s a chapter we’re writing together. Brio is here to serve the needs of the moment and to build the infrastructure to serve those of the future.


Working at Brio is incredible. I honestly feel like I’ve hit the jackpot - my job is engaging, my colleagues are great, and Brio shows that they care about their employees with amazing benefits. At Brio, you’re so much more than a number or a cog in the wheel - and I love that."
Stan Dutton
Sales Manager
I'm not sure where to start – every aspect of working here feels like a highlight. Each day I'm offered new challenges. I'm empowered to take ownership of my projects and the impact of them not only on our business, but on our customers who really make the world go round. Learning and innovation are a daily occurrence here, and I need those at work like I need oxygen to breathe.
Kiana Nicio
Director of Marketing
The team at Brio is truly what makes our company stand out. Each day to day interaction leaves me with a better sense of the deeply rooted passion and commitment that goes into building up our product, customers and company as a whole. Driving change in healthcare is challenging, but our ambitious and dedicated staff are up for the task."
Corina Lindke
Senior Product Manager


What type of test kits does Brio provide?

Brio is a test agnostic platform. That means we're compatible with most kit types and provide the most timely, cost effective, and quality tests at the time of your testing needs. It also means we have many test kit supplier and manufacturer relationships that fuel our platform capabilities so that supply shortages affect us last.

Our expert team vets, tests, and integrates with every test kit we offer our customers. Get in touch for the best test for your organization today.

How do our employees get their tests?

We have our own fulfillment center that works with your team to get test kits into employee hands in the most efficient and cost effective method for your needs. We offer shipping options like bulk to office locations or individual shipments straight to employee homes anywhere in the contiguous US. Just send us an address list and a delivery date – we'll take care of the rest.

Does your software handle vaccination status?

Vaccination status is coming in November 2021. Our product and engineering team works hard to develop and launch the most useful functionalities and features for our customers.

Reach out for our recommended, HIPAA compliant plan to start collection your employee's health data before its time to test.

Is Brio OSHA compliant?

Yes. We architect solutions for all types of regulatory requirements and workplace safety protocols. OSHA, HIPAA, and FDA compliance among them. Get in touch with our team for a proposal that fits your needs.

How long does it take to start?

We strive to offer the most agile and turnkey employer testing solutions on the market so that our customers don't have to wait on workplace safety. Once a contract is signed, we create your online testing account, train your team, and ship kits – all in as little as 5 business days.

How much does Brio cost?

Our platform model means that pricing is variable based on location, test type, volume, current market prices, staffing needs, and freight. We customize pricing for our customers so they never pay for more than they need, including middleman markups. Get in touch now to get a proposal fit for you in less than a day.