BRIO COVID-19 Screen

BRIO provides a science-based wellness platform to give people a more proactive understanding of their health. We have watched the COVID-19 pandemic turn the world upside down, and we are redirecting our long-standing relationships with labs, suppliers, and employers to help broaden access to proactive COVID-19 screening of people on the frontlines of this crisis.

Our turn-key, FDA-compliant COVID-19 screen, available for purchase by organizations, can be administered with a simple kit that produces results within 1-3 days of arriving at your door. 

We are focusing on organizations whose employees are in frequent contact with the public and therefore face an outsized risk of both contracting and asymptomatically spreading the virus.

For Labs

Are you a CLIA lab or a supplier of testing materials who would like to partner in this effort?

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For Employers

Are you an organization whose employees are in frequent contact with the public and would like to inquire about testing?

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How the BRIO COVID-19 Screen Works

  1. BRIO ships kits to you to distribute to your employees.
  2. Employees create an online account with BRIO and register their unique kit.
  3. While the kit is designed for simplicity, sample collection must be supervised by an individual with proper licensure required by the state for COVID-19 screenings.
  4. Ship the sample to the lab for analysis, using the secure packaging material and pre-paid label provided.
  5. Results are processed within 24 - 48 hours of arrival at the lab and are reviewed by a physician licensed to practice in the user’s state.
  6. All users will be alerted by email when results are available and those who screen positive for COVID-19 will be called by a physician.
  7. BRIO will comply with local and CDC requirements around reporting screen results.

A Note On Our Method

In our mission to broaden access to COVID-19 screening, we are employing sample collection methods that can be easily administered outside a clinical setting (such as saliva collection via cheek swab). Please note that these formats may have limitations that can have a higher occurrence of false positive or false negative result than may be seen with the nasopharyngeal testing method that is more widely used in a clinical context. The BRIO kit should not be considered a substitute for medical care. Individuals should continue to follow local and federal guidelines around preventing the spread of and exposure to COVID-19. 

For up-to-date COVID-19 guidance, visit:
CDC | WHO | Local Resources  


How long does it take to see a result?

We are currently estimating 1 to 3 days. This includes shipping time from the user to the lab, lab processing operations, and physician review of results.

How much does this cost?

We are estimating a $250 cost per kit ultimately. As demand grows and our costs decrease, we will immediately pass through any savings to decrease the price.

Who is doing the analysis?

Screening kits and laboratory analysis are provided by CLIA accredited laboratories.  They have received emergency FDA authorization to run this screen after proving concordance with control samples from the CDC.

How accurate is this screening?

Unfortunately today there is no comparator other than symptoms and no one has tried sampling random people every day until they later develop symptoms (this would be a massive study to try to implement and currently unfeasible due to test kit shortages). All sources of accuracy are based on outside tests, and assessments. BRIO cannot make any provisions or guarantees about the accuracy of these testing outside of what our CLIA labs have provided us, which is the concurrence/validation that is required to achieve FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

Is this FDA compliant?

The BRIO COVID-19 Screen is not intended to be used by individuals at home. We are partnering with employers for supervised on-site sample collection and CLIA accredited labs for analysis.These partner labs have received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for processing COVID-19 screens.