How To Choose a COVID Testing Company | BRIO

As employers continue to strategically plan for COVID and its variants, testing is center stage as a preventative measure. However, finding a reliable, fast COVID testing company can prove challenging. Find out what to look for when choosing a COVID testing partner.

While the workplace continues to evolve alongside a post-pandemic world, COVID testing is likely here to stay. Employers stepping in as a healthcare proxy is brand-new territory for working America. Screening, testing, and reporting employee health information can be intimidating and overwhelming for any business, and much of the process is still a guessing game. A testing partner can help fill in the gaps. But how do you choose a COVID testing company?

Shopping for COVID Testing Companies

Intermediaries that promise fast results are a dime a dozen. So look for a company with a well-oiled testing system. All the pieces of the puzzle must be in place. 

Tests and testing

A high-quality provider should have reliable testing methods and suggestions based on your specific needs. There are several types of tests available now, and more on the way. Your testing partner should be able to talk to you about the available test options, their reliability, and their accuracy. 

They should also be able to meet your demand for testing. Some companies want to provide tests to their entire workforce at regular intervals. Others want to administer tests on an as-needed basis to help identify hot spots or test employees who fail initial screenings. BRIO can talk to you about your testing needs and help you find the best testing solution for your team. We are trained in the science and technology behind our tests, so we can make recommendations based on your industry and your company.

Returning results

Anxiety is listed as one of the top mental health challenges among employees since the pandemic started. Many employers are tackling this by wrapping mental health into their benefits packages, along with things like wellness checks and virtual therapy sessions. But fast COVID testing results can also help reduce uncertainty and anxiety. 

Look for a COVID testing company that can facilitate the testing process itself and deliver tests to labs. BRIO has a well-established network of high-quality, certified labs ready to test and return accurate results. Our courier network allows us to take the test from you to them the same day, so your team receives results quickly. 

Certified compliance

As companies craft their COVID policies and procedures, concerns about compliance may arise. For example, HIPAA requires that test results remain completely confidential at all times. In fact, any health-related information must be kept in a completely separate file from employment records. Your testing partner must provide test results in a confidential way that won’t risk your compliance or compromise the privacy of your employees. 

BRIO has a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant dashboard that provides safe, secure results directly to employee and employer. You can aggregate data for company-wide results from your employer dashboard, allowing you to manage hot spots and outbreaks. 

Don’t Partner With Just Anyone

When it comes to keeping your employees safe, it’s about more than just checking a box. Find a COVID testing partner who understands testing options and can advise you on the best procedures for your unique workplace.

Look for a partner with a network of certified labs and the ability to get fast results. Finally, make sure your test provider is HIPAA-compliant and can help you communicate and manage results efficiently.


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