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A new way to measure and improve your health with biomarkers.

Brio makes it easy to understand how your fitness, diet, and lifestyle efforts are affecting your unique biochemistry. Get personalized insights and a clear plan to have the level of health you want using the most objective, quantifiable health metrics available.

"BRIO makes it easy to track my health regularly. Because I am able to test quickly at my gym right before my workout class. It was painless and only took about 10 minutes."

Alex, 29 years old
Computer Programmer

How it Works

Step 1

Define your health goals

Add structure and focus to your fitness experience by setting measurable goals

Step 2

Learn where you stand

Painless and convenient on location blood draw and fast lab analysis

Step 3

Get your personalized plan

Be confident on where to focus your wellness efforts with your easy to understand biomarker report and one-on-one calls with our registered dieticians

Step 4

Track progress over time

Keep on learning and improving with blood draws and new insights every 90 days all year long

The Brio Difference

Trainers love it

  • Ground your training protocols in science
  • Speed up the path to client results
  • Increase client retention
  • Stand apart from other trainers with unique knowledge
"BRIO allows me to tailor workouts and nutrition to my clients’ biological needs. Now my clients are healthier, happier and achieving greater results in less time."

Alex, 31 years old
Trainer & Life Coach

People love it

  • Understand how your body responds to wellness efforts
  • Be confident you’re focusing where it counts
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Personalized insights and plans
"The BRIO testing experience was really cool. I was able to get the test done at my office. It was painless and only took about 10 minutes from start to finish, then I got right back to work."

Kara, 32 years old

Backed by science

Biomarkers of all types have been used by generations of physicians, and scientists to study human disease. We’re using them to look into the future and help you map a course to reach your health goals.

Trusted Lab Partners

We’re partnered with CLIA and CAP accredited laboratories for our processing. The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)  are United States federal regulatory standards that apply to all clinical laboratory testing performed on humans in the United States. College of American Pathologists (CAP) releases its own requirements building upon the CLIA regulations. Compliance is assessed by a peer group site inspection every two years. Our partners work with world class equipment and reagent manufacturers to deliver results to clinical research organizations, universities, and wellness clinics across the US.


We look at industry standard indicators of health such as cholesterol (HDL, LDL, Total), blood sugar (HBA1C), inflammation (HS-CRP), and hormones (Testosterone, Estradiol) that can all be measured from a small sample of blood.


Brio’s goal is to help individuals achieve the level of health they want. It is important to note that this is not the same as looking for disease. Disease is generally by its nature a statistical outlier, so doctors often report numbers that are outside of an diseased state as “good” because of the lens they’re looking through.  We believe there’s an important difference between “not sick” and “healthy” which is why we look at percentile ranking and optimal zones based on age, gender, and lifestyle.

Ready to try Brio?

We’re currently piloting our service at select gyms in the greater Boston area.  If you’re a gym owner, personal trainer, or gym member and would like to see Brio at your fitness center, let us know!

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